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Remodeling Stress: 3 Tips for Making it Through a Home Renovation

July 10, 2018

Embarking on your first home remodeling journey can include a whirlwind of feelings – from excitement to anxiety. Home remodels can be extensive projects, and very few homeowners consider the mental toll it can take on them. Take a look at these three typical maladies that can pop up when remodeling your home, along with suggestions on how to deal with them. The “Why Are We Here?” Symptom. Since you are seeing the progress, day in and day out, it can be really inspiring to see th...

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How to get Backyard-Ready for the 4th of July

June 29, 2018

The 4th of July is a time to celebrate our independence, of course, but it’s also one of the best parts of summer! It’s a time to be outside with family and friends, barbequing and enjoying a cold drink or two. With some work, your backyard can be a crowd pleaser. Here are some tips to help you get your backyard ready for the upcoming festivities. 1. Create a shady area. Sitting outdoors in the blazing heat is not a comfortable experience for anyone. Add some shade to your yard using fre...

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4 Ways to Make a Small Room Look Larger

June 15, 2018

Decorating a small room can be challenging – but don’t let that cramp your style! With the right design tips and techniques, you can create a nice retreat out of a snug space. Progressive Builders has put together four tips on how to make the most out of a small area. Think vertical. Take advantage of the vertical space in your room to keep things neat and organized. You can maximize storage by installing floating shelves to add books and baskets to. You can also give the illusion ...

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Ready for a Home Remodel? Here’s How to Get Started

June 8, 2018

Whether you are looking for a simple change or want to upgrade your entire home, getting the ball rolling on a renovation project can be tasking when doing it alone. In addition to vision and design, there are many building and construction codes that come into play. When you work with Progressive Builders, we help navigate you through the remodeling process by developing a plan, crafting a design and giving you advice on how to stay within your budget. Ready to get started? Here are some...

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Your Home Checklist for June

May 25, 2018

June 20 marks the first day of summer this year, but why wait until then to get your home ready for summer? Start prepping for the warm weather by sprucing up your home! This home checklist shows what you can do now to enjoy the season to the fullest: Install screen doors. If you utilize screen doors, now is the time to ensure they are in great shape. Be sure to inspect your current screens for holes or patches. The warmer days attract those pesky mosquitos, so any small hole is an inv...

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3 Ways to Enhance Your Entryway

May 18, 2018

Making over your entryway or foyer is the perfect solution to spruce up your space without doing a complete home remodel. Here are a couple of different options to make this space both beautiful and practical without going overboard on the spending. Add some boldness. Think about making this space a bright beacon of light. After all, it’s the first and last thing that you and your guests see when they enter and leave your house. One way to achieve this look is by painting it a bright...

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4 Ways to Get Organized Before a Home Remodel

May 10, 2018

With blockaded areas and parades of construction workers, remodeling your home can sometimes feel a bit chaotic. That’s why it’s a good idea to declutter your space and keep things organized before the renovation starts. Eliminate some of that commotion with these pre-construction organizational tips. Keep items packed away. Now is a great time to look over which items you use often and which pieces you can toss out. If you’re renovating an entire room, pack away frequently used ...

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5 Reasons to Expand Your House

April 27, 2018

So, you’ve lived in your home for a comfortable amount of time and now you’re ready for an upgrade. Building another room can sound tedious, but it may be the right decision to ponder. Explore these reasons for why you should consider expanding your home. Extra space. Whether it be because your family is growing, or you simply want more room for entertainment, it’s likely that you’re running out of space. Adding an extra bedroom or bathroom to your home can help make your home ...

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3 Simple Kitchen Upgrades to Consider for Your Home

April 20, 2018

When designing your home, there’s a fine line between which upgrades you need and which upgrades you want. There are an infinite number of products available, and many of those tempting upgrades can be beyond your set budget. So, when working within a budget, the first step is simple: decide what you can afford and what you cannot. A good rule of thumb when thinking about upgrades is to put your money towards the kitchen and bathrooms in your home. These areas create more resale value w...

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The L-Shaped Kitchen: A Dominating Trend for 2018

April 13, 2018

This year, a cascading trend that’s been making its way around many homes is the L-shaped kitchen layout. According to Houzz, 60 percent of people remodeling their kitchen are opting for L-shaped layouts rather than the traditional U-shaped design. As you may expect, an L-shaped kitchen layout consists of two adjacent, perpendicular walls. If you like to entertain, the versatility in an L-shaped kitchen is perfect for mingling and can add openness to the feel of your home. Are you th...

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