Your Home Checklist for June

June 20 marks the first day of summer this year, but why wait until then to get your home ready for summer? Start prepping for the warm weather by sprucing up your home! This home checklist shows what you can do now to enjoy the season to the fullest:

  1. Install screen doors.
    If you utilize screen doors, now is the time to ensure they are in great shape. Be sure to inspect your current screens for holes or patches. The warmer days attract those pesky mosquitos, so any small hole is an invitation for them to buzz in.
  2. Reorganize your kitchen.
    Summer is a good time to rethink how items are arranged throughout the kitchen. More BBQ days might call for a blender to make smoothies and spritzers. If you have children, consider stocking the pantry with healthier snacks for those in-between times at home. Reorganizing your appliances will make more room for what you’ll need to use in the warmer months.
  3. Lighten up décor.
    Here in Southern California, the weather can get pretty hot. Consider rolling up thick rugs and covering the beds with cooling linen sheets. If you’re by the beach, hang up some sheer curtains and enjoy the summer breeze!
  4. Schedule outdoor projects.
    Whether you’re looking to replace a deck or build a new patio, it’s important to ensure that you have plenty of time devoted to your projects. If you’re in need of professional work, make sure to contact Progressive Builders for assistance.

There is so much to look forward to in summer, which is why it’s important to get organized with maintenance and room refreshes. Make the most out of this season by creating a to-do list and posting it where you can see it. Are you thinking of a major summer renovation? Progressive Builders is here to help! Contact us today for a free consultation.

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