Keep Potted Plants Fresh and Green All Summer with These Tricks

Having potted plants in your home, on your front porch or in your backyard is a wonderful idea. They brighten up the space and even produce fresh oxygen for better air quality in the home. However, keeping potted plants healthy during the hot summer months can be a challenge for some homeowners.

When and how you water your potted plants will make a significant difference. Here are some summer potted plant care tips from the residential design specialists at Progressive Builders:

1. Water Consistently
It’s important to have a watering schedule and to stick with it consistently. Potted plants will always dry out quicker than those planted in the ground because they cannot draw any extra moisture beyond what you provide. Watering twice a week is generally good rule of thumb in the summer, but different plants require different care. Create a watering schedule that you can follow to keep your plants healthy throughout the year.

2. Install a Drip Irrigation System
If you want to automate your watering and minimize the risk of human error, you can install a drip irrigation system that provides a constant flow of water to the plants.

3. Put Potted Plants Near the Sprinklers
If you are planning on going on a vacation or just want to ensure regular watering for outdoor potted plants, move them to a spot where they will catch some spray from an automated sprinkler system.

4. Be Sure to Use Plant Trays
Always use plant trays below your pots. They not only prevent water stains, but they actually act as a backup water reservoir to keep your plants from dying of thirst.

5. Find Partially Shaded Areas
Some plants may thrive with constant sunlight while others may suffer. Usually, a partially shaded area is great for potted plants so they can get the sun they need, but not too much.

6. Plan Your Mixed Containers Properly
If you have a container with multiple plants mixed together, you will want to plan them carefully and maybe even adjust the combinations for the summer months. Not all plants are the same. Watering them all the same way may be good for some, but not for others.

7. Fertilize Frequently, But Lightly
Fertilizing plants is always important. Potted plants go through soil nutrients more rapidly, so you will want to fertilize them regularly. A good recommendation is to add fertilizer often, but in smaller amounts. This is much more effective than applying large amounts of fertilizer less often.

8. Cut Off the Deadheaded Flowers
Take care of your flowers by cutting off blooms that are past their prime. This will let the new blooms get more water and nutrients and keep your flowers looking healthy.

9. Use Succulents as Living Mulch
You can actually use low-water plants like succulents as living mulch for a potted plant or tree. They won’t compete with other plants for too much moisture, but they also prevent the soil from losing moisture. Plus, it looks prettier than plain mulch.

10. Pick Your Produce Often
If you are growing any fruits, vegetables or spices in a container, be sure to harvest them often to allow for new growth and to keep the plants healthier overall.

These are some tips to help you keep your potted plants healthier and greener throughout the hot summer months. To learn more about garden, home design and patio ideas, contact Progressive Builders today.

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