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How to Craft a Bedroom with Style and Function

Sometimes when you walk into a bedroom, it just feels right. It looks comfortable, but not cluttered. The design elements flow together with form and function. It’s not easy creating the perfect bedroom design. In most cases, the simpler the b...

Multiply the Space in Your Bathroom with These Custom Design Tricks

Does your bathroom seem too small? Or, are you thinking of adding a new bathroom, but have very limited space? There are many design tricks and custom-building solutions that can maximize the space in any bathroom. Here are a few tips Progre...

Style Guide: A Complete Breakdown of Transitional Style in Any Room

Tastes in home design and décor generally fall within a spectrum. Some people naturally prefer a classic, traditional style that tends to have features many see as timeless. Others want to be as contemporary as possible, typically preferring cl...

6 Tips to Illuminate Your Kitchen Counters

When it comes to designing a new kitchen or remodeling an old kitchen, most homeowners will give a lot of thought to colors, materials, appliances and the layout of shelves, countertops and drawers. Unfortunately, lighting is often overlooked un...

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