5 Ways to Beat the Heat and Your Electric Bill

Cash flow stopping you from being able to have air flow? Even with the summer season drawing to a close, it doesn’t mean you need to melt your way to the end. With a little extra planning, your house will be the coolest place on the block.

  1. Shoot the Breeze
    Install a screen door where you might not have one already. Control the climate by allowing the air to circulate in your house. Adding screens to your windows can also help keep the air cool by moving it around instead of staying hot and stagnant. Keep in mind that if you have south-facing windows and doors, they may be hotter in the morning. East and west-facing windows will be hotter in the evening. Close them accordingly to avoid letting in hotter air than you started with.
  2. Embrace Earth Day
    It doesn’t have to be April for it to be Earth Day. To beat the heat, plant a tree strategically to block the sun from baking your house. Landscaping for shade can reduce the temperature of your home by up to six degrees. Deciduous trees are one of your best bets for getting shady. They’ll have nice full green leaves in the summer, and then thin out in the winter so you can enjoy the weaker rays of sun.
  3. Ice, Ice, Fan
    Switching on the fan doesn’t sap your electricity bill nearly as much as switching on the AC. But sometimes, it feels like fans won’t cut it. Hack your fans for summer by filling a bowl with ice and angling the fan so it blows across it. Viola! You have a low budget air conditioner.
  4. Curtain Call
    Sure, you know that you can close your curtains to block out the heat. But you can also get some heavy-duty blackout curtains to do the trick even better. You’ll be able to find sun-blocking curtains available mostly everywhere that sells home products, especially during the summer when people are on the hunt for them. Not only do they block out UV rays, but when the winter comes around, they also help to insulate from the cold.
  5. Throw Some Shade
    Adding sun shades over windows is like putting sunglasses on your house. The overhangs will block direct sunlight that would otherwise be streaming into your home and making you toasty. Consider installing solar panels on the sunshades to help offset the cost of your air conditioning – if you do decide you need to use it. This is an investment of a little cold hard cash to keep you cool and comfy in the long term.

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