Ready for a Home Remodel? Here’s How to Get Started

Whether you are looking for a simple change or want to upgrade your entire home, getting the ball rolling on a renovation project can be tasking when doing it alone. In addition to vision and design, there are many building and construction codes that come into play.

When you work with Progressive Builders, we help navigate you through the remodeling process by developing a plan, crafting a design and giving you advice on how to stay within your budget. Ready to get started? Here are some tips to consider while embarking on a home remodel.

  1. Set goals and refer to them frequently.
    At the start of any remodel, it can be tempting to want to add on projects outside the scope of the original work. Having a set of objectives to accomplish can help you stay on track. This will also come in handy when there is a challenging decision to make and you are unsure of what to prioritize. A set of objectives will narrow your focus on the big picture and avoid costly distractions.
  2. Have a realistic timeline.
    A renovation project is a creative process that involves many key players. Along the way, you might encounter some hurdles that can extend the project deadline or delay the process. At these times, look ahead to the end result. Not only will this help the process continue without further hurdles, but it will also keep you and your team optimistic.
  3. Seek help when needed.
    Renovation projects can be tough. That is why it is important to contact professionals in order to avoid any mistakes or mishaps. Professionals like Progressive Builders can save you the time you would spend on learning and perfecting the process. They can be a resourceful addition to the project and make your vision come true without all the headaches.
  4. Become part of the team.
    While you may have allocated the project to a team of designers and architects, continue to participate in the process. This will help you stay in the loop and keep track of the progress.
  5. Understand your budget.
    Before you begin the project, you may want to consider your budget truthfully. Talk to your contractor about how much of your dream project is possible and what financial resources it would require. Having open communication about the budget will keep things running smoothly.

Here at Progressive Builders, we take the time to understand your home’s needs and your family’s wants. We’ve worked on projects throughout Orange County and can get you to the dream home you’ve always imagined. If you’re ready to begin a renovation project, contact us today to schedule a consultation.

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