3 Ways to Enhance Your Entryway

Making over your entryway or foyer is the perfect solution to spruce up your space without doing a complete home remodel. Here are a couple of different options to make this space both beautiful and practical without going overboard on the spending.

  1. Add some boldness.
    Think about making this space a bright beacon of light. After all, it’s the first and last thing that you and your guests see when they enter and leave your house. One way to achieve this look is by painting it a bright statement color. You can also make the entryway stand out by choosing a unique wallpaper print.
  2. Organize with a bench.
    If you have enough room, try getting a narrow bench that has cubbies underneath. In the cubbies, you can use plastic bins to collect things that you usually want to grab before you go outside, such as a dog leash and toys. The extra seating will also make the space warm and inviting, while giving you and your visitors a space to put their things down and take off their shoes.
  3. Get Hooked.
    In smaller entryways especially, hooks are a great way to keep an entryway neat. You can encourage everyone to hang up their bags, backpacks, hats, jackets and even umbrellas on a hook. This will make sure that whoever is leaving or entering will not trip over the remnants of the day before.

Thinking about remodeling your entryway? Progressive Builders can help with the process! Whether it’s an entryway, kitchen or any other type of remodel, our team will work with you to create a beautiful space for you and your family. Contact us today to get started.

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