Pick the Perfect Bathroom Sink to Compliment Your Style

Finding the right bathroom sink can be a hard decision. There is a slew of options out there when it comes to style. Get a clear understanding of all your options, and you’ll be able to match it to the style that fits your bathroom best.

With an all-in-one sink, the countertop sits on top of the vanity and is molded into the countertop. Hence, all-in-one. It’s simple to clean, and a great idea for bathrooms that don’t have a lot of space. You can make it from the material of your choice, like acrylic, porcelain or metal.

This sink is the most common. The sink sits below the countertop and has a rim that allows it to fit into the counter. It is highly versatile because it can work with just about any countertop material. Top-mount sinks are affordable and easy to maintain.

Undermount Sink
With an undermount sink, your sink is attached to the underside of your countertop. This makes the sink seem seamless with the rest of your counter. This option usually only works with a countertop that has a solid surface, like a stone material. You may find an undermount sink to be pricier than the other options.

A wall-mounted sink doesn’t sit on the countertop and is great for someone who is going for a minimalist style. The plumbing must be placed inside the wall, so it could create another element of work for your remodel.

This is essentially a wall-mounted sink, but the pedestal hides the plumbing pipe as it goes through the floor. It lends a classic look to any bathroom and can also add a vintage feel to the space.

Washplane sinks are the ultimate modern sink. They take up very little room which makes them a great option for smaller bathrooms. A small trough is mounted to the wall which collects the water in your bathroom. The water enters through an opening in the wall that leads to your plumbing. Washplane sinks are both simple and unique.

Once you’ve decided the type of sink you’d like in your bathroom, the rest of the process will fall into place. White-colored sinks offer a more a classic look, while browns and alternative materials create a warmer vibe. For a sleek and modern look, blacks and metals are the way to go.

If you’re ready to get that bathroom sink you’ve always wanted, contact Progressive Builders today for a consultation! We can help you with the decision process and have your sink installed in no time at all.

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