Key Elements to Craft the Perfect Staircase

Stairways in a home are the ultimate combination of form and function. They should look nice and reflect the style of your interior design, while also being practical. A staircase will need to meet specific building codes, which means there are several measurements and factors to consider if you want to craft the perfect staircase.

1. Understand the Correct Square Footage
The tricky part of staircase design is getting the most out of limited space. Stairs take up much more square footage than you may think. From the size of the treads (width and depth) and risers to any landing areas being put in, you have to make sure there is enough room to accommodate everything you want to achieve with your staircase design.

2. Riser and Tread Size
The most important part of designing a staircase is having the treads and risers sized properly to fit your square footage and get you from one level of the home to the other with equal steps. A common rule of thumb is “one tread plus two risers should equal 25 inches.” Some homeowners may opt for custom measurements if they have the space and budget to do so, as long as everything falls within standard building codes.

3. Landings and Headspace
A landing is a platform that may be at the bottom, top or in the middle of a staircase, especially when there is a turn or switchback in it. Some landings are practical while others are purely stylistic choices. These can be tricky to design and will require proper planning and construction to make sure they look and perform seamlessly.

4. Style
We’ve covered the functional elements of a staircase. Now, you can focus on the stylistic choices available to you like the banister, balusters, balustrades and other pieces that provide safety, while also being decorative. Materials like wood or wrought iron can be used for handrails and guardrails. Another stylistic choice you may want to consider is the path of the staircase. Will it travel straight ahead, spiral, curve or have a corner or switchback?

Progressive Builders can help you with the design and construction of a custom staircase that will provide the best form and function for your home. Contact Progressive Builders today to begin crafting the perfect staircase for your home and style.

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