How a “Bump-Out” Can Add a Little More Room and Make a Big Difference

Sometimes having a little extra space in a room can make it so much better. You might not have the space or the budget for a full addition to your house. You’ve considered adding a bay window, but maybe that’s not really your style or it just isn’t going to give you quite the extra space you are looking for. A bump-out offers a cost-effective alternative that can give you the extra space you’re after.

Our team at Progressive Builders has put together a few alternatives to consider if you’re looking to add more space to your home.

What is a Bump-Out?

Essentially, a bump-out is a cantilevered micro-addition to a house when the structure and property allows for a small expansion. It’s similar to a bay window, but it spans from the floor to the ceiling.

The cantilever design is built using the existing house structure. This saves time and money during construction because there is no need for foundation work. The end result is a micro-addition to a room that floats above the earth with no foundation underneath. When the original structure is compatible and the cantilever construction is done properly, a bump-out is extremely structurally sound. It can also be done on multi-level homes if you want the addition to be part of a second or third floor room. You can even expand multiple levels at once.

How the Cantilevering is Achieved

To build a bump-out, new floor joists are “sistered” alongside the existing joists. This provides the bump-out with necessary bottom support. The bump-out’s floor also needs to be properly insulated as it will not have an underlying foundation. Other factors in the existing house will need to be taken into consideration during the design phase, such as the home’s roof sign and the location of adjoining rooms.

Of course, an expansion project like this will require professional help. Though it is a simpler solution than adding a full room or some other sort of addition, it is still a job that needs to be done right. The cantilevering process is crucial for structural security.

Endless Possibilities

Imagine expanding the size of your master bath or adding a breakfast nook. Give one of your small bedrooms some extra space for guests or for two children to comfortably share a room. Add some more room to your master suite. The possibilities are endless with cantilevered micro-addition bump-outs.

For a no-obligation consultation on a bump-out addition, any home addition or any house remodeling project you have in mind, contact Progressive Builders today.

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