Embrace the Slope: How to Make the Most of Your Sloping Backyard


You are probably aware of the fact that every home is made differently. Some homes have a flat backyard, and some may have a sloping backyard. In this case, you’ve got to work with what you’ve got. Sure, landscaping for a slope may seem challenging, but we’re here to tell you it can be a blessing in disguise.

Our team at Progressive Builders has put together five ways to turn your sloped backyard into a design you love.

1. Add some steps.
Garden steps are a practical solution for walking up and down your slope, while also giving the impression that the slope was intentional. Add some charm by planting flowers between the steps and use concrete, wood, or natural stone to match the overall color scheme of your backyard.

2. Garden on the hillside.
A barren slope is a great opportunity to plant a garden. Layering plants throughout the slope can add texture and disguise the slanting geography of the hill. You can choose flowy plants that add a lot of movement or ones that are sturdy for a more structured look.

3. Fence it in.
Change the look of your backyard by adding fenced walls to the slope. Adding railings will not only be safer for kids playing in the back, but it will also add some dimension by outlining the different levels of your the walls.

4. Map out spaces.
Ever thought of adding a lounge or reading area to your backyard? Make use of your slope by setting up some chairs and an artfully positioned umbrella. You could even build a terrace on the lower part of the slope. This could be designated as a space to relax and enjoy the shade.

5. Make a walkway.
If your sloping area doesn’t allow you much room for opportunities to map out spaces or design a garden, you can always make your slope into a walkway. Create a pathway for the rest of your garden by laying down some brick or natural stones. Line it with flowers or garden lamps to add your own personal touch.

If you’re looking to redesign your sloping backyard in the Orange County area, contact Progressive Builders to schedule a consultation. We’ll walk you through the process of creating your dream backyard.

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