How to Create a Farmhouse Style Home

When it comes to decorating your home after a remodel, there are hundreds of different design options out there. Whether you prefer modern, shabby chic or rustic, Progressive Builders can help remodel your home according to your design tastes. Our expert contractors will sit with you and find the perfect design options for your home.

Recently, we’ve found a large interest in the farmhouse-style design and décor. Known for mixing modern styles with ranch-like design, a farmhouse-styled home brings a sense of warmth and charm to your living space. Looking to create this in your house? We’ve put together a list of design elements needed to pull off this look so you can incorporate it into your next home remodel.

  1. Antiques & Rustic Furniture
    To help bring in a vintage feel to your home, consider adding in antiques and rustic furniture. However, you don’t want your house looking like an antique store, so be sure to pair these classic items with some modern and new pieces. For example, combining a vintage coffee table with a modern couch or chair can create the perfect balance for a farmhouse style.
  2. Exposed Wood
    When thinking of a farmhouse or barn, one of the first things people envision is exposed wood, which is why it’s a great idea to incorporate elements of this into your farmhouse-styled home. Consider adding some exposed wood beams or even using refurbished barn board as a way to add some southern charm to your house. Whether it’s on the floors, walls or shelving, exposed wood will help add an extra layer of farmhouse chic.
  3. Industrial Lighting
    Lighting is an essential part of any home, but it’s especially important when it comes to the farmhouse look! Try using an industrial-style light to brighten up your room. This lighting option can be a great focal point or décor statement in any farmhouse-styled home.

Use these design tips and you’ll be on your way to a cozy and classic farmhouse-styled home! If you’re ready to remodel your home using these design elements, contact Progressive Builders today. Our experienced contractors in Orange County will work with you to create the home remodel of your dreams.

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