4 Things to Do Immediately Following a Home Remodel

If you’ve reached the end of your home remodel, then congratulations are in order! You can finally enjoy the new addition that you have waited so patiently for.

But if you really want to dot your i’s and cross your t’s, then there are just a few more things that would be good to do immediately following a home remodel. Progressive Builders is here to help you make sure you’ve got all your bases covered with these five tips:

1. Switch your air filters.
An inevitable fact of remodeling: it gets dusty. After the crew cleans up, you’re going to want to clean out your air filters so that you don’t keep all that dust flying around in your house. Since the remodel is done, you can simply replace them without having to worry about dust building up again so quickly.

2. Shield the floor.
When you install brand new wood flooring, you are going to want to avoid any kind of damage as much as possible. Some things you can do are adding felt pads to the bottom of your furniture so that they don’t scrape the floor, or if you have pets, consider keeping their nails short so you aren’t left with scratches.

3. Seal your countertops.
If you had natural stone countertops such as granite or marble installed, make sure to seal them periodically to prevent stains. You’ll know if it needs to be resealed when water doesn’t bead up on the surface anymore.

4. Celebrate your new space.
Now that the hard part is over, it’s time to show off your gorgeous new space! Have a new remodel house-warming party, or simply just enjoy it with you and your family. Depending on the renovation, your contractor may ask to schedule a professional photographer to document it in its pristine shape.

If you’re looking to remodel your kitchen in the Orange County area, contact Progressive Builders to schedule a consultation. We’ll be by your side to ensure that you complete your home remodel with as little stress as possible.

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