Why You Need to Install an Outdoor BBQ Before Summer Hits

Why You Need to Install an Outdoor BBQ Before Summer Hits

Imagine the laughter of close friends and family, the smoky smell of a BBQ filling the air, and margaritas blended and passed around for all to enjoy. Children alternate between flying down the slip ‘n’ slide and jumping in the bounce house, their laughter and squeals filling the air. Dinner is served and it’s complete with summertime staples: sweet grilled corn, grandma’s famous baked beans, tangy BBQ sauce, fresh watermelon, and a perfectly grilled steak.

The only problem? This is happening in your neighbor’s backyard, not yours. Why? Because they installed an entertainer’s dream in their backyard: a full-service kitchen, complete with BBQ. Don’t stress, though! It’s not too late to have your very own backyard BBQ installed before summer hits. In addition to hosting great parties, they offer several other advantages.

  • Bump the Bottom Line: A beautiful, functional outdoor kitchen adds value to a home, and that’s the bottom line. If this is your forever (or “for a long time”) home, then pick hardscaping that makes you happy. However, if you do not plan on staying in your home for more than 5 years, choose a design and color scheme that is aesthetically pleasing to a wide range of people as this will make selling the home much easier.
  • Entertainer’s Eden: We alluded to it above, but an outdoor kitchen offers endless outdoor entertaining opportunities, especially in Southern California, where summer stays year-round. Taking the kitchen outside also takes all of the mess outside, making the aftermath of entertaining much easier to clean up.
  • Stretch the Space: An outdoor cooking and dining space provides homeowners with more overall living space, as guests can move outdoors to enjoy the festivities. In addition, homeowners with large families find that having a fully functional BBQ area enhances their regular, everyday dinnertime. Including living room furniture and even an island will make the area even more appealing. The beauty about a custom-built outdoor living area is that it can be tweaked to fit each homeowner’s lifestyle and individual needs.
  • Nourishing Nosh: Outdoor BBQ’s give families the chance to eat a variety of different foods with very little effort. In fact, an entire meal can be cooked on the grill—corn, vegetables, meat, and potatoes. Instead of dining out several times per week, consider dining “out”side in your very own backyard!

At Progressive Builders, we believe that your backyard should serve as your own private retreat. Even with a limited budget, you can create an outdoor oasis that is both beautiful and functional. Contact us today to get started building your outdoor kitchen!

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