What to Include in Your Guest Bathroom Remodel

Lucky is the homeowner who has a guest bathroom, and even luckier is the guests that will use it! Whether knocking down walls and refiguring things to put a guest bath in, or simply giving the current one a facelift, these bathroom remodel ideas will help get the creative juices flowing.

  • Give it some style. A guest bathroom should be light and inviting. Start tearing pictures out of magazines, watching HGTV, or reading books for bathroom remodel ideas. Another great idea is to visit model homes, kitchen and bath showrooms, or plumbing showrooms.
  • Make it roomy. Consider hiring a professional like Progressive Builders to create the best floor plan for your space. A professional can look at the overall shape and size and make suggestions for vanities, showers, and other materials such as flooring and countertops.
  • Keep it basic. This is perhaps the best of the bathroom remodel ideas. You don’t want guests to find the bathroom frustrating, so make things accessible. Think about hotel bathrooms—they’re roomy and luxurious, yet simple. There’s really no need to install a fancy showerhead or claw foot tub in a guest bathroom. Just the essentials—a sink, shower, and toilet—will do.

After construction is done and the dust has been cleaned up, accessorize the bathroom. Now is the time to splurge—provide your guests with thick, cozy towels and a bathrobe, assorted soaps or bubble baths, and a fragrant candle.

Progressive Builders has years of experience and bathroom remodel ideas for our clients. We’ve seen what works in a guest bathroom—and what doesn’t work. Whether they are big or small, we are happy to help bring all of your bathroom remodel ideas to life. Contact us today for more information!

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