Multiply the Space in Your Bathroom with These Custom Design Tricks

Does your bathroom seem too small? Or, are you thinking of adding a new bathroom, but have very limited space? There are many design tricks and custom-building solutions that can maximize the space in any bathroom.

Here are a few tips Progressive Builders recommends when we are helping clients redesign their bathroom spaces:

Find Extra Space Wherever You Can

Sometimes you can use wall space between studs to create recessed shelves, towel hooks/racks, toilet paper holders or a medicine cabinet that hardly sticks out from the wall.

Use Colors to Your Advantages

Some people prefer having contrast with dark colored towels hanging on a light colored wall. However, adopting a scheme using only light colors will give you a feeling of a lot more space. White towels hanging against white walls will make the space feel open and roomier.

Install Pocket Doors

Rather than doors that swing and require extra clearance, you can install dividing pocket doors that slide in and out of the wall. Pocket doors take virtually no room and are a convenient solution where a conventional door is impractical.

Other Door Solutions

Beyond pocket doors, you can also use bi-fold doors or explore making the bathroom entry door swing outward instead of inward. In tight spaces, the door itself can serve as an extra surface for mounting hangers, towel racks or mirrors.

Wall Mount as Much as You Can

Any time you can mount something on the wall of a bathroom, it will increase the floor space and make the room feel bigger. Wall-mounted toilets, shelving, sinks, vanities, cabinets, soap/shampoo dispensers and more will really be big-time space savers.

U-Shaped Drawers Under the Sink

The space directly under the sink is often totally wasted. You can install special U-shaped drawers that fit around the drain pipe to provide a ton of extra storage space.

Space-Saving Fixtures

Install a curbless shower or vessel sink to open up the floor space and create fewer barriers in the room. Or, knock down divider walls that aren’t load bearing to increase the feeling of more space.

These are just some of the ways you can get creative with your bathroom and make a small room feel so much bigger and more comfortable. For more bathroom design ideas and help with your next renovation, contact Progressive Builders today!

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