Make Your Garden Feel Bigger than it is

Many houses are built to maximize their indoor space, taking up most of the property that might otherwise have been used for a yard. As a result, the yard can feel cramped. Yards are often good places to try strategies that expand the perceived space, even if actual space does not change.

Maybe you envision having a nice garden or a spacious patio, but don’t know how to achieve that without using up all your outdoor space. Here are a few tips from Progressive Builders to help you craft a landscape that will make your garden feel a lot bigger than it is.

1.    Use Tall and Airy Plants
If you have a really big yard, then hedges are great to create separation and structure. However, in a smaller space, they can make things feel disconnected and cramped. We recommend using taller and airier plants that have “see-through” qualities. This will create some sense of structure between parts of the garden without such hard lines of separation.

2.    Bring the Indoors Outdoors
We often hear the opposite idea of bringing more natural elements into the house. But this approach also works to make a garden space more comfortable. Think about how the plants, furniture, and patio elements are laid out to make a comfortable living space in the backyard.

3.    Get Design Help
Just as you might hire an interior designer, having someone guide you with the landscape or patio design can help to maximize your garden or patio area and create a beautiful presentation. Some building techniques like disappearing pathways or trellises can provide an illusion of more space than there actually is while also adding nice aesthetic touches.

4.    Make Focal Points
One thing that can make a garden area feel cramped is the lack of focal points. When certain areas draw your eye, it naturally creates more comfort within your space. Often times, a “less is more” approach is smart so that you do not over-clutter the garden or patio with things that could distract from the important focal points you’d like to have.

These are just a few space-saving tips that could transform your garden or patio into the spacious outdoor area you have always wanted. For help with your landscape design or outdoor renovation, contact Progressive Builders today for more information and your design consultation.

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