Looking to Remodel Your Laundry Room? Here Are 4 Design Ideas

Modern log wood house laundry room interior

Did you know that Americans spend more time in the laundry room than they do in the bathroom? Eight hours per week, to be exact. That’s a whole nine to five work shift of washing, drying, folding, and putting laundry away. What’s one thing that can make doing the laundry a little less, well, time-consuming? A laundry room remodel.

It sounds idyllic and maybe even a little over the top—certainly guests never see the inside of the laundry room; however, the home is about the people who live there. The good news is that homeowners are increasingly remodeling laundry rooms to be as effective and convenient as the kitchen and bathroom. Here are four ways to get the most out of your laundry room remodel.

  1. Incorporate plenty of storage.
    The laundry room can be used to store household goods, sports equipment, and even extra sheets and blankets. By adding cabinets, you can store your regular laundry items like laundry detergent, fabric softener and bleach, as well as other household items such as toilet paper, paper towels and cleaning supplies.
  2. Include ample counter space.
    Extra counter space isn’t just meant for bathrooms and kitchens. Increase the efficiency factor in your laundry room by adding sufficient counter space. Homeowners can use countertops to fold laundry or store must-haves, such as detergent and stain remover.
  3. Add a utility sink.
    Aside from washing your hands, a dedicated sink in the laundry room provides space for soaking delicate clothing or grass-stained sports gear. A sink can even act as an area to store potted plants.
  4. Choose a bright, vibrant color palette.
    Most likely, your laundry room will be a good place to retreat to for some quiet time. Why not spice up the style? Painted cabinets or textured backsplash can be coordinated to make the laundry room a cheerful and happy place.

The laundry room is quickly becoming one of the most remodeled rooms in the home. Modern homeowners have realized that including a bright, functional laundry room is a luxury they can’t live without.

Progressive Builders has years of experience with all types of home renovations—from laundry room remodels to bathroom, kitchen, or outdoor upgrades, we know how to get the process started. Contact us today to get started on your laundry room remodel.


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