Install Solar Power for Free!

We’re excited to share a great deal with you today! Summer is here and that means rising electricity costs. Control One, a quality provider and installer of solar panels, can help you produce your own electricity—at no cost! By leveraging current tax incentives they will install solar panels on your home for FREE.

Special Features

  • Free installation with no equipment cost
  • Free maintenance and a 25-year warranty on panels and the roof the panels sit on
  • Savings of 40% on electric bill*
  • No monthly lease payment on panels like many other companies require

*This is good news because the electric company is raising their rates between 10-15% per year. But with Solar, the most rates will increase is by 2.9%, creating even more savings in the long term.


  • Homeowner
  • Minimum 640 credit
  • No delinquency on electric bill
  • Average $85/month electric bill

Interested in installing solar panels in your home for free? Receive cleaner and cheaper energy now. They will beat anyone’s deal, GUARANTEED! 

Call the local Yorba Linda Representative at 714-235-9634.

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