How to Pick the Perfect Window Blinds and Shades

If windows are seen as the eyes to a house, then dressing up this part of the home is rather important. Whether it’s with blinds or with shades, these accessories can be a key design element in your home. So what will you choose to enhance your home?

The main difference between blinds and shades is the material used to make them: blinds are usually made of firmer material, such as wood, metal, or hard plastic, while shades are usually made of fabric. These choices can feel overwhelming, especially when in the middle of a home remodel. Here are some considerations to make before you make up your mind.

  1. Light and noise.
    One of the most important functions of blinds and shades is that they can keep light and noise out of your space. Whether you live in a building towering over a bustling city street or in a quiet, suburban neighborhood, you must consider how much control you want and need over the light and noise that comes into your home. Blinds are usually better at keeping light and noise completely out, while shades can still let some of the outside lights and sounds into the house, even if they are fully drawn down.
  2. Safety.
    The different pull cords and wands to control either of these options can endanger the children and pets in your life because of potential strangulation or poking an eye out. When choosing either blinds or shades, make sure that these will be out of reach. Remote controls can also be a great option to prevent even the most curious from hurting themselves.
  1. Room ambience.
    The different types of material used in making blinds and shades can create different kinds of “feels” for the room. Blinds can make your room feel more modern, especially if the blinds are vertical instead of horizontal. In a similar fashion, depending on what you choose, shades can add a bohemian or old-fashioned ambience to the room.
  2. Cleaning.
    Blinds collect a lot of dust, but you can use many of the dust trapping products out there that will allow you to swipe over the surfaces of the blinds. Shades can be vacuumed or spot-cleaned, but if you want a deeper cleaning, you will likely have to call a professional.

When it comes to remodeling, windows play a big role in the overall design of the room. That’s why it’s helpful to use shades and blinds to highlight the space. If you need help putting your remodel together, contact Progressive Builders! We can assist in making your dream home your reality.

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