How to Design Your Kitchen to Look and Feel Better


If you were asked to describe your dream kitchen, the word “tiny” probably wouldn’t be in your description. However, a small kitchen is a reality for most of us. Luckily, even the smallest and darkest kitchens can feel big and bright with a few design tweaks. While using light colors is a start, there are other ways to optimize your space to make it the best that it can be. Read further to learn some tips on how to make your kitchen look and feel better through design.

  1. Eliminate counter clutter.
    Kitchen counters tend to be places where items from all over the house congregate. When dealing with a small kitchen, every inch of counter space is crucial. Fight against the clutter by storing lightly used items in cabinets and drawers. Get in the routine of keeping likes with likes – this means filing away your mail and placing keys on a hook. These habits will help reinforce a cleaner kitchen and a bigger looking space!
  2. Use less hardware.
    Hardware on cabinets and drawers create the look and feel of clutter, but this kind of clutter cannot be put away. Try opting for cabinet doors with touch-activated latches or reach-in pulls. These additions can give your kitchen clean lines and subtly create a bigger look. Another bonus? Less nooks and crannies means fewer scrubbing and cleaning for you!
  3. Double think the double sink.
    Many homeowners feel that a double sink will be the most useful, especially when it comes to cooking and cleaning up afterwards. However, a double sink can take up a lot of precious counter space and make the kitchen appear even smaller. If you can work with a single sink, this can mean better storage options and more counter space.
  4. Choose compact appliances.
    Due to the same reasons for using a single sink, consider opting for smaller appliances. Dishwashers and refrigerators tend to take up most of the appliance space with their 24- and 36-inch wide frames, respectively. Try installing an 18-inch dishwasher and a 28-inch refrigerator instead. These saved inches can go towards storage solutions you would not have imagined before making the switch!
  5. Use ample lighting.
    Lighting is absolutely essential to making any space light and bright. Whether your kitchen has pale colors or dark ones, installing light fixtures can reduce shadows and give the illusion of a bigger space. Try plugging in LED strips inside, above or under your cabinets. Removing window shading can also add that extra brightness that your kitchen needs.

When dealing with a small kitchen space, there’s no need to feel cramped. Contact Progressive Builders today to help you with your next kitchen remodel!

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