Home Remodeling Mistakes to Avoid

Are you thinking about embarking on a home remodel project? Whether your bedroom, bathroom, or patio needs a makeover, there are many things to think about. These five tips will help you avoid costly and time-consuming mistakes.

  1. Love on your landscaping. One of the most common home remodel blunders is not setting aside part of the budget for fixing or replacing the outdoor landscaping once the project is finished. Obviously projects that involve additions will also affect the outer parts of a home, but even a project inside the house can affect the landscaping. The driveway, garage, and even part of the yard will be used to store equipment and supplies. Your front door will likely not be the main access point for the construction crew, so workers and their equipment might be dragged through the house and yard. Something else to consider is that once the rest of the house is updated, the landscaping might look terribly outdated. When is the best time to re-do the yard? When it’s already torn up from the construction. Do not waste money trying to bring it back to life only to realize it would have been better to tear it out completely and start over.
  2. Skip the second-rate materials. A major home remodel is something you might do once or twice in your lifetime. For the do-it-yourselfer or anyone trying to save money on a remodel, don’t sacrifice the quality of your basic, long-term materials and fixtures. We understand the importance of staying on budget and we love to see how far your dollars can be stretched, but there does come a point when pinching your pennies simply goes too far.
  3. Convenience is king. When remodeling your home, stop and think about how to make it fit your lifestyle. Sure, adding a bonus room will add square footage, but will your family actually use it? Or would it be better to reconfigure the existing floor plan into something that’s more convenient for you?
  4. Go green. You’re already cutting into the roof, walls, and floor of your home; you may as well use the opportunity to add more insulation. Consider green appliances as well—tankless water heaters and ductless HVAC systems will save a lot of money in the long run. Plus, they’re a great selling feature should you ever decide to move!
  5. Create a contingency. If your design uses every last penny of your budget, you will surely have issues with your project. Any contractor worth their weight in nails will tell you that once you start knocking out drywall and pulling up floorboards you are likely to find something that needs fixing. Setting aside 5-10% of your budget for surprises will help the project run more smoothly.

At Progressive Builders, we know how to keep a project on budget! We can also help you avoid some of the costly mistakes listed above in addition to more you may not even think about. Contact us today to get started on your home remodel!

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