Get Your Backyard Ready for Easter


Easter is just around the corner, which means lots of families are getting ready to host a fun Easter egg hunt in their backyards. To help you get ready for all your Easter festivities, we’ve compiled some helpful egg hunt tips!

1. Get your supplies ready. 
Whether you do hard boiled eggs or plastic ones, it’s important to have enough eggs for everyone to participate. To make it easier on you, ask your guests to bring a dozen eggs with them, so all you have to do is hide the eggs.

2. Mix it up. 
To add some extra fun to the egg hunt, think about including a “golden egg” – one that has a special prize inside. Any way you can add some exciting surprises in the hunt is always a good idea!

3. Have ample seating for those who aren’t participating. 
For the adults who are just watching the festivities, it’s a good idea to have comfortable seating available so they can enjoy their surroundings. If your backyard is not set up for entertaining, contact Progressive Builders today! We can assist in a landscape remodel, so your outdoor space feels as welcoming as your indoor space.

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