6 Ways to Incorporate the Farmhouse Look in Your Remodel


Farmhouses have a simple elegance that can feel both cozy and modern at the same time. You don’t have to live in a rural area to enjoy and incorporate farmhouse looks in your remodel. With a few small touches, you can create a beautiful, modernized farmhouse look for your home. To help you get started, we at Progressive Builders have compiled a list of 6 ways to incorporate the farmhouse look in your space.

  1. Rethink wall treatments.
    Farmhouses do not tend to use drywall as much as more urbanized homes do. When planning your walls, consider tongue-and-groove paneling, shiplap, or butt boards. These wall treatments create that homey and cozy texture that farmhouses are known for. Also, these wall treatments have strong lines that run through them, which can create a more modern look if painted white.
  1. Consider the cabinetry.
    Shaker-style cabinets are a classic farmhouse touch. They offer the simple elegance that stands for strength and durability, but they can still have a modern look to them as well.
  1. Plan for siding.
    Board-and-batten siding is the kind of paneling found on the exterior of farmhouses. Bring this look inside to create a modern twist on this classic.
  1. Wonder about the windows.
    Two-over-two windows or grille windows are a staple of the American farmhouse. They also lend themselves well into modern design because while they are simple and not overly-defined, they still add a sense of character without distracting from the overall look and feel of the room that they are in.
  1. Let there be light.
    Basic utilitarian barn lights are wonderfully stylish and provide ample light for any space. When thinking about lamps, consider Gooseneck lamps to help further establish this look in your home. The simple elegance of this design lights the way for you to continue with the farmhouse theme.
  1. Show off those beams.
    With a vaulted ceiling, beams really create the feel of being in a farmhouse. Reclaimed beams show even more character and age for a look that will wow both your family and guests because they give a sense of history and age that remodeled spaces do not always have.

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