5 Tips for a Master Suite Remodel


When undergoing a home remodel, it’s important to keep in mind the requirements of the room. For example, if it’s a kitchen remodel, you must leave space for a stove, sink and refrigerator. Or when it’s a bedroom remodel, you must not forget to leave room for a bed, dresser and other essential items. Working within the parameters of what a bedroom needs can be an easier feat if you follow our five tips for a master suite remodel.

  1. Privacy should be a concern.
    Privacy should not only be possible by closing the bedroom door. The bedroom is supposed to be a place of relaxation and rest, so think about ways that you can separate this special place from the rest of the house. If possible, avoid a layout in which this space connects to a public part of the house, but if that is not an option, find ways to create barriers between the bedroom and heavily-trafficked parts of the home.
  1. Increase circulation, light, and ventilation.
    Circulation is necessary for making a comfortable space. Try to keep it moving on one side of the room in order to make sure that you can breathe easily and feel rested in your room.In considering light and ventilation, consider putting your bedroom in the corner of the house. This will allow both cross ventilation and softer natural light, which makes the room feel more open and less stuffy.
  1. Think about the furniture.
    There’s more than a bed in a bedroom. Bedroom floor plans take into account a bed wall, but also make sure that you have enough space on each side of the bed for nightstands and enough space for air circulation. You also have to think about a dresser, nightstands, chairs and other pieces that will help make the room feel like home.
  1. Consider your view.
    A nice view can make a good space a great one. Find a way to accentuate whatever exists outside of your bedroom window. Consider having a layout where the head of the bed faces the window so that you have something pleasant to greet you every morning!
  1. Connect with the Great Outdoors.
    There is something about connecting the indoors with the outside, and if you can connect these two areas, it makes for a great investment. You can do this in a few different ways: by having bigger windows, installing a patio if that is an option, or even French doors that can still give a sense of being inside but a feel of the outdoors as well.

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