5 Signs That Show You’re Ready for a Kitchen Remodel

Kitchens truly make a house a home. It’s a place for creation, where people come together to make beautiful (and tasty!) things. Keeping up with your kitchen’s needs can save you a lot of money and heartache in the long run. Not sure if you’re ready for a kitchen remodel? Here are a few signs that you may just need to get to work on a kitchen remodel:

  1. Appliances are run down.
    Unfortunately, kitchen appliances do not last forever. Whether it’s the oven taking too long to cook or the refrigerator is causing you problems, eventually you will have to replace these items. When you find yourself in the position of upgrading your appliances, a kitchen remodel is most likely in your future.
  1. Your counter space is non-existent.
    Do you feel lost without an island to chop your vegetables or prepare other ingredients? Is your kitchen preparation now stretching out into the dining room or even living room? For safety and sanitary reasons, you might want to consider a kitchen remodel.
  1. You have officially run out of drawers and cabinets.
    Kitchen should be a great source for storage. If you have gone through your things that need to be kept in the kitchen, and you still do not have enough storage space, a kitchen remodel might be helpful. Our team at Progressive Builders can build cabinetry that will make the most of the space provided.
  1. There is not enough space for people to work together.
    Can more than one person fit in your kitchen? Would they be able to move around freely and safely while they worked? If not, perhaps a kitchen remodel is in your future. A kitchen does not have to be the most spacious room in the house, but if your space does not have enough room for multiple people to be in the space at once, a kitchen remodel might be a good idea.
  1. Your kitchen is stuck in the past (in a bad way).
    Vintage is in, but if your kitchen feels as though it was designed 100 years ago, it is time for a change.

If your kitchen is ready for an upgrade, contact Progressive Builders today! We can help you figure out what kind of remodel will fit your home, family, and budget.

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