4 Fun Ideas for a Kid-Friendly Bathroom Remodel

Whether children have their own dedicated bathroom or the whole family shares one space, there are ways to make it more manageable for everybody. From fun, rainbow-themed palettes to ingenious organizational ideas, moms across America make it work for their family. Follow some (or all!) of these ideas for a fully functional and fun kid’s bathroom.

Label, label, label. It doesn’t really matter how the labeling is done—with letters, numbers, or colors—so long as the system is easy to follow for everyone involved. Have your children’s initials monogrammed on their towels and washcloths or buy them each their own color towel and then coordinate that with hooks on the wall. Little Susie gets a red hook and a red towel; Johnny gets a blue hook and a blue towel, and so on. This also makes it easy to determine whom to summon when a towel is lying in a soggy pile on the floor.

Make it accessible. Instead of storing daily necessities in the medicine cabinet, keep them in a drawer or cabinet that little hands can reach. This encourages independence in children and takes some of the responsibility off of the caretakers. Little Susie needs more toothpaste? She knows where to find it.

Personalize the space. There are so many ways this can be done. If it’s a bathroom that is shared with adults, then obviously there are limitations on how childlike the décor can be; however, if it’s a dedicated kid bathroom, the options are endless. Add decals to the vanity, walls, door, or even shower doors. The great thing about decals is that they are removable and leave minimal damage, so as children grow, the décor can grow with them.

Add some color. A bright accent wall or patterned shower curtain adds a lot of fun to the bathroom. Plus, kids love bright colors! If homeowners aren’t scared to take a risk, something creative like a pink vanity or green mirror will make the kids feel at home in their bathroom.

Adding childlike touches to an existing bathroom doesn’t have to be expensive—or tacky! If you are thinking about remodeling your bathroom to make it more kid-approved, contact Progressive Builders today!

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