4 Bathroom Remodeling Trends for 2017

In most homes, the bathroom is probably the most used space out of the entire house. And yet, oftentimes homeowners don’t spend the proper time remodeling and keeping this room up-to-date. With so many people using this space, it’s important to stay on top of the bathroom and make sure it stays current with the popular design trends.

To make sure your bathroom doesn’t fall short this year, here are four trends that will both be prominent in 2017 and enduring for years to come.

  1. Color Choices
    As far as color is concerned, 2017 is looking to continue the trend of the modern palette. White is still in, but greys are also at the top of the list. In general, a white, black and grey palette is something that is popular today, but will also stay on trend for years to come. If you prefer brighter colors in your design, try using them as an accent. In general, bolder natural colors such as turquoise, royal blue, and emerald would be great choices to complement the more neutral colors.
  1. Natural Woods
    In a similar spirit to the neutral color palette for 2017, there is a strong trend of using natural wood to add the senses of warmth and light to the space. Natural wood can bring a sense of “the Great Outdoors” indoors.When picking out the type of wood, consider the different wood pieces you have throughout the rest of your home and try to keep that consistency. You can also use the wood as an accent throughout the bathroom – such as in soap dishes, vanity organizers and cabinetry.
  1. Dimensional Tile
    This isn’t your grandmother’s tile! Dimensional tile, which originated in Europe, has been spotted more and more in U.S. bathrooms. Advances in design technology has made it easier to manufacture these beautiful, shapely tiles. These tiles bring visual interest into the room – much in the same way that fabrics and wallpaper do. They will add a sense of drama to the room and draw attention to whatever they surround, so you would want to use them on an accent wall, such as behind the shower, to accentuate the look and feel of the room.
  1. Freestanding Tubs
    Freestanding tubs are back with a vengeance. They seemed to have regained popularity in the last few years, and it seems to have continued into 2017. In the past, the bathtub was the centerpiece of the entire space.While designers in the mid- to late-twentieth century wanted to downplay the appearance of this big (and important!) piece of plumbing, this is no longer the case. Whether it’s a simple soak tub or a Jacuzzi, homeowners are currently focusing on the tub itself, spending more time in ensuring that it serves its function well rather than just focusing on its beauty alone.

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