3 Tips to Revamp Your Bedroom

Modern bedroom interior

Have you ever stared at your bedroom wondering if there is something missing? We definitely have. In fact, most people who have lived in their home for a decade or two typically make a couple changes to the layout of their bedroom. After all, it’s hard to relax when the only room meant for sanctuary needs a major face-lift.

If you’re ready for a bedroom makeover, take a look at these three tips to help you get started.

1. Play with texture.

A great way to add depth and interest to your room is by designing through texture. Adding texture can stimulate many sensory forms, so consider the visual element of an item, as well as how it may feel to the touch. An easy way to start this is by having a neutral room as your canvas. Consider adding a shaggy rug, painting an accent wall or throwing on voluminous pillows to your bed. After you feel comfortable with creating a mix, you can progress to more complex combinations of material and color.

2. Have a place to sit.

If you have a master bedroom, consider adding a place for lounging. From a full futon to a small two-person table – there are many ways to play around with seating. Don’t have a big room? Consider adding a chaise or bench at the foot of your bed. You can even get creative with items that double as a storage unit, which leads us to our last tip below.

3. Incorporate bedside storage.

Drawers add a nice touch to many bedrooms, but they’re also great for hiding bedside necessities that can quickly clutter countertops. If you have your mind set on a few nightstands, consider ones that have a few shelves or drawers to create a balanced space. If you want to get more creative and have a cleaner look, check out your options for adding wall-mounted shelving.

Changing the look of a bedroom can sound overwhelming, but with these tips, you’ll be on your way to creating a more relaxing environment. Looking for a bigger bedroom revamp? Progressive Builders can help. Call us today to schedule a remodel consultation.

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