3 Expert Tips for Landscaping Your Front Yard

Imagine driving up to your house and seeing colorful, blooming flowers; freshly cut green grass; large, billowing trees; pristinely trimmed hedges and serene walkways. Doesn’t it sound like a dream? Who wouldn’t want to come home after a long day at work and see that? With careful planning and some expert advice, your outdoor home remodel can be this dreamy.

Here are three expert tips for turning your outdoor living into a lush sanctuary:

  1. Maintain order.
    It’s easy to spend a few hours at the nursery and come home with umpteen different kinds of plants. However, experts recommend limiting the number of different types of species: 5-10 species of perennials, 3-5 different shrubs and 1-2 types of trees. Setting these limits helps to create a front yard home remodel that appears to be one large garden instead of several smaller ones.
  2. Frame the front door.
    When spending ample money on a home remodel, make sure that your main focal point is, well, in focus. To lead all eyes to the front door, add a walkway that is wide and easily identifiable. If the walkway is curvy, just be sure the front door is always in focus. Paint the door a bold color and install thick molding around it. You can always add a seasonal wreath for good measure as well.
  3. Consider the entire year.
    Generally speaking, blooms are sparse from November through February. Remember that visitors are just as likely during the holiday season as they are during the bloom-filled months of spring and summer. Evergreens hold their color and texture year-round and they can be found in smaller sizes. If seasonal plants are more your thing, consider trees and shrubs that produce food for wildlife. That way, you’ll have a show of birds and other gentle animals to watch all winter long.

With some thoughtful planning, homeowners can have a home remodel that brings year-round blooms. If your front yard looks like a barren desert, contact Progressive Builders today! We are happy to get your front yard home remodel started. Our design experts are ready with helpful suggestions on how to make your landscape water wise, too.

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