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The Hernandez Family: New Island Owners

In 2007, the Hernandez family of Yorba Linda was ready for a new look in their kitchen, one that would require some significant remodeling. To bring their vision to life they hired Progressive Builders, and after five months of work, we completed a full kitchen remodel.

To get things just as the Hernandez family wanted, we had to move appliance locations and remove walls to create a large island in the center of the revamped space. In addition, Progressive Builders installed a custom tile backsplash, brick flooring throughout the kitchen and family room and custom cabinets that matched a display the family saw at the Expo Design Center. More than satisfied with the final product, the Hernandez family brought Progressive Builders back to their home to build a raised deck, remodel three bathrooms and create an outdoor living space with TV hookups.

Project Highlights:

  • Custom cabinets
  • Brick flooring
  • Custom tile backsplash

Services Provided:

  • Kitchen Remodel
  • Outdoor Living

client testimonial

“We dreamed it and they made it happen. Progressive Builders showed us anything is possible and it doesn’t require a fortune.”

—Heather & Andrew

“We had no concerns or worries while working with Progressive Builders. Their communication was clear
and they always kept us in the loop.”

—J. Welches

“This kitchen is so perfect, we often spend the entire evening in there. Comfort and classy – all thanks to Progressive Builders”

—Ken & Margie

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