5 Signs That You Need a Kitchen Remodel

The kitchen is the heart of the home. It’s a place for creation and where people come together to make beautiful – and tasty – things. Whether you have just moved in or you have lived in your house for years, having a kitchen that works for you can make day-to-day home life so much more enjoyable.

Not sure if you’re ready for a kitchen remodel? Here are five signs that prove it’s time you need one:

  1. Your counter space is non-existent.
    Do you feel lost without an island to chop your vegetables or prepare other ingredients? Is your kitchen preparation now stretching out into the dining room or even living room? For safety and sanitary reasons, you might want to consider a kitchen remodel.
  2. You have officially run out of drawers and cabinets.
    Your kitchen should be a great source for storage. If you’re beginning to store pots and pans in the coat closet, then a kitchen remodel is needed. Our team at Progressive Builders can build cabinetry that will amplify your storage space.
  3. Appliances are costing you more than they’re worth.
    These days, technological advancements have been made to create more efficient and eco-friendly appliances. If your kitchen appliances are dated, they might be costing you more money in energy bills. Consider making the investment to go green.
  4. The layout is a safety concern.
    If you have children, this one is especially important. A poor layout can make working in a kitchen awkward, while other features, like countertops with sharp corners, can be downright hazardous for a child. If your kitchen layout is posing a risk to others, it’s time for an upgrade.
  5. There’s simply not enough space.
    Can more than one person fit in your kitchen? Would they be able to move around freely and safely while they worked? A kitchen does not have to be the most spacious room in the house, but if it starts to feel like there are too many cooks and not enough space, then a kitchen remodel might be a good idea.

If this article resembles your kitchen’s current state, then you don’t just deserve a new kitchen, you need one. Ready to make the change? Contact Progressive Builders today! We will guide you through the right remodel for your home, family and budget.

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