10 Tips to Creating a Welcoming Front Porch

It’s so nice to have a front porch that reflects your style and feels welcoming to anyone who steps up to your door. Progressive Builders has put together this list of tips to help you to create a front porch that looks great and will make all your home a more inviting place.

1. Start with a Clean Slate
As with any redesign project, it’s a good idea to start with a clean slate. Remove all the furniture and décor, and then clean everything thoroughly. This will allow you to start with a fresh perspective and put your new front porch together the way you want it.

2. Decorate with Plants
Whether you put some planters on the porch itself or just have pretty plants and flowers in your yard or a garden in front of the porch, plants are a great way to draw the eye to the front of your home. They can also provide a little bit of privacy if you are enjoying time on your porch.

3. Find a Nice Doormat
Every porch needs a good doormat (or two) to create that true sense of welcoming. Find one that suits your style, but is also functional for people to wipe their feet.

4. Sitting Spaces
Whether it’s a porch swing, rocking chairs, Adirondack chairs or a bench, you want a comfortable and stylistic place to sit and relax on your front porch.

5. Think About Comfort and Privacy
If you spend a lot of time on the porch and you get some warm summer nights, consider installing a ceiling fan. Maybe some citronella torches to provide soothing firelight and to keep the bugs away. Outdoor porch curtains or screens can also be a way to provide some privacy or protection from the elements.

6. Tables and Other Décor
From practical pieces like tables to décor elements to spruce up the porch space, make the front porch a reflection of your style while also keeping in mind the functionality.

7. Less is More
This is true of almost any room in the house, but especially when it comes to your front porch. Try to avoid clutter and keep the design simple. It will feel more comfortable for you and more welcoming to your visitors if there isn’t so much stuff sitting on the porch.

8. Color Coordination
Think about the colors you choose. Make sure they complement the colors of the house and also the garden. Thoughtful color coordination goes a long way in creating a welcoming porch space.

9. Good Lighting
There may be different types of lighting you need on your porch depending on the situation. You want good lighting so guests can get to your front door safely. At other times, you may want more subdued lighting when you are on the porch sitting and watching the world go by. Design a lighting plan that suits all your needs.

10. Consider an Addition or Renovation
If you have the space to add-on or just want to redo the porch altogether, it may be time to consider a renovation or addition. Count on a trusted contractor like Progressive Builders to help you design and build the front porch of your dreams.

Contact Progressive Builders today for help with your front porch or any renovations you are considering for your home. We specialize in great designs and cost-effective building solutions. Let us show you how to make your front porch—and your entire home—the perfect reflection of your personality and the perfect space to enjoy your life.

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